Doors and windows designs

High-tech doors and windows designs enhance the appearance of a house while unlocking its market value. A lot of care should therefore be taken in terms of design and placement of these two important features of a home.

Here are a few tips on how to design your home’s doors and windows.

1.) Read home designs magazines, websites and books and take note of the designs that appeal to you. Notice the sizes and number of doors and windows and how they are placed to create a balance with the overall look of the house.

Educate yourself about doors and windows designs that can enhance the look of your house while assisting in other areas such as security and energy conservation. Discuss your findings with your builders so as to get expert opinion about the matter.

2.) Draw a sketch of the layout of the house with the front entrance door as a focal point. Plan to include twin doors if your house is 80 feet or longer as a single door can make the house facade look out of proportion. The main entrance space should be expanded visually by adding side panels of glass or shutters to each side of the door.

3.) Draw a sketch of each house façade from the outside perspective. Design windows (both side and back of the house) to look uniform in terms of spaces between them, sizes and placement. As much as possible ensure that all the windows are on the same horizontal line across their top edges, even if their length and width vary.

4.) Define space for the back door near the kitchen and within easy access to the driveway or garage. This of course should be done after the windows of the back or side of the house have been placed to ensure the door blends well with the windows in terms of size and placement.

5.) Once you are through with the designs, you should now think about the quality of materials and safety of your doors and windows. Invest in high quality doors and windows frames, and you should consider buying bedroom windows that are large enough to provide emergency escape from the house.

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