NHC to build 50,000 homes by 2017

The annual demand for housing stands at 200,000 units

The annual demand for housing stands at 200,000 units

An estimated 50,000 new housing units are expected to come onto the market in Kenya by end of 2017, according to the acting Lands Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i.

The government, through the National Housing Corporation (NHC), is seeking to bridge the housing deficit in the country amid rising demand that currently stands at about 200,000 housing units annually against a supply of 50,000 units.

Dr Matiang’i says the government will review levies and permits required to register construction plans in a bid to lower the costs paid by developers, who have been complaining of numerous levies and permits that have slowed the sector’s growth.

“I have spoken to the National Construction Authority (NCA) and asked them to look at levies charged to property developers in the hope of reviewing them so as to facilitate investment,” Dr Matiang’i told the 1st Annual Construction Research Conference and Exhibition in Nairobi last week.

Dr Matiang’i added that the government was committed to reducing barriers to investment in the lucrative real estate sector.

NHC will build the houses using Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) technology which uses soft boards and wire mesh to manufacture floor, wall and roof panels.

The state-owned company had earlier said that the low-cost building technology would greatly accelerate housing in the country, with a three-bedroom house costing Sh1.2 million down from Sh2.4 million for a brick and mortar house.

The firm has constructed 100 houses in Balozi estate in Nairobi using EPS panels sourced from its Mavoko factory that boasts a production capacity of 126,720 a year.

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