Kenyan builders to study new technologies on Brazil tour

KCB chief business officer Samuel Makome

KCB chief business officer Samuel Makome

Thirty Kenyan developers are set to embark on a two-week trip to Brazil to check out new technologies that could help lower construction costs.

The tour, which is organised by the KCB Group, kicks off on February 29 and will see the developers travel to Brazil to study the South American country’s building technology.

It seeks to expose local developers to modern construction technologies that can be harnessed to meet the rising demand for low cost housing in Kenya.

KCB chief business officer Samuel Makome said in a statement on Thursday that the trip would broaden the developers’ business scope while exposing them to modern architectural designs.

“We hope to transfer technologies and advancements in the developed economies to the real estate industry in this country and our region and positively change the industry altogether,” said Mr Makome.

The Brazil trip comes at a time when the rising house prices have made it impossible for many households to afford decent housing.

KCB, whose Developers Club comprises 450 active members, recently registered its mortgage lending arm S&L as an independent firm that will build low cost houses for the local middle class.

The company hopes to ride on new construction technology to build houses priced between Sh1 million and Sh3 million.

The bank is said to be working with people in Brazil and Mexico to bring in seed funding for the new venture.

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