Low cost housing design ideas

Although building a house is usually an expensive venture, you can significantly lower your home building cost with the right information and motivation.

Before embarking on your project, make sure you have a good plan and if possible figure in low cost housing solutions in your plan. In addition to making your home nicely done, a good plan will also help lower the costs.

Building costs can go up depending on your construction materials. You should therefore have a game plan which stipulates possible sources of cheap but high quality materials.

High-priced construction materials are not always the best so choose your products based on their quality and prices and not on the name of the manufacturer or supplier alone.

Finding cheaper materials is not hard providing you know how to shop wisely. First of all you should scout for materials a few months before you embark on your project. This way, you will increase your chances of getting high quality low cost materials because you will not be rushing to beat your builder’s deadlines.

You can look for cheap but quality materials in garage sales; many home owners dispose of still useful materials – sometimes new but no longer useful for them – at throw away prices.

You can also look at new broken tiles along construction materials yards and purchase them per kilogram. New broken colourful tiles can be designed in a manner to give a unique pattern to a certain space.

It is important to keep your ears open for inventory sales or other such events because suppliers offer their wares at almost 50% discount during the sale. With a good budget, you can scout all shops offering discounts to get high quality materials at cheaper prices.

You can significantly lower your costs by personally doing some of the work. For example you can paint your kitchen or do the landscaping.

It is also recommendable to canvas the prices of materials first before you decide on where to acquire them. Buying all of your materials from one store can mean huge discounts for you depending on how you discuss it with the store manager.

Most stores offer discounted packages for home owners who commit to buy all their materials from them until the construction work is over. If the store sells high quality materials, why not take advantage of the offer?

There are many other ways to keep your home building costs down. You only need some creativity, willpower and a lot of bargaining capability.

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