Tips to save money building a house

Learning how to save money when building your house is an important skill that can turn your property dreams into reality.

The following tips can help you avoid going bankrupt when putting up your new home.

1.) Find a good location
Decide where to want to build your house. Your decision will depend on many factors such as the terrain, proximity to the city and so forth. The closer the plot’s location to the city the higher the price. Labour costs also go up as you move closer to the city. It will be easier to build on a level ground than on a cliff or rocky lot.

2.) Make a floor plan
Create a floor plan even if you plan to hire an architect. A floor plan will give you a better picture so you can have the right bathroom placements, the right number of rooms, the right kitchen positioning and so on. Your architect can base his design on your draft floor plan.

3.) Search for designs
Search for building designs online that you would like to pattern your home on. The beauty of having a custom-built house is that you can have anything you want integrated into your house as long as the final design seamless fits together both aesthetically and technically.

4.) Choose materials and your budget
A custom-build home allows you to choose the materials based on your budget and preferences. Always go for high quality materials but try as much as possible to stick within your budget. Just make sure you shop widely to compare the quality and prices of the materials.

5.) Give your house personality
A home should reflect your personality. Your rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces in the house should fit your personal needs. For example you can have a library, a home office, a big living room facing the hills if that’s what you want for your home. All design decisions should be based on your personal needs.

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