How to choose great kitchen cabinets

A kitchen cabinet adds character to a house, which is why it is important to choose great kitchen cabinets for your kitchen.

The following tips will help you make an informed choice when shopping for your kitchen cabinets.

1.) Develop a budget. This is the most difficult step for many home owners. However, a kitchen remodeling budget is the basis for setting your kitchen cabinets budget. You should keep in mind that kitchen cabinets generally cost about 30-50% of the kitchen remodeling budget.

2.) Kitchen space. Measure the size of your kitchen and using a graph paper, sketch the room. The sketch will be of great help to you when you finally head for the furniture stores. It will also assist a designer to plan a cabinet that meets your unique needs.

3.) Cabinet style. Kitchen cabinet styles have a huge impact on the look of your kitchen. Cabinets with ornate and decorate details are ideal for classic antique homes, while minimalistic designs work well in a modern kitchen. Homes and gardens magazine, books and websites can give you ideas on kitchen cabinet choices that are best for your home.

4.) Cabinet material. The most common material options for kitchen cabinets are wood, metal and laminate. Wood is the most popular option for home owners, although metal and laminate are increasingly becoming popular in modern kitchens.

Bamboo cabinets and other ‘green’ cabinet materials are slowly gaining popularity among home owners seeking for more sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen cabinets.

5.) Cabinet finish. The amount of maintenance as well as the look you want to create should determine your cabinet finish. Stainless steel and glossy finish are appropriate for a modern kitchen, but for a country kitchen you may have to go with a lacquered/coated finish. Painted finishes are also common in kitchen cabinetry although they may require frequent repainting.

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