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Steel swing door

In addition to being the foremost security measure to a home, a door gives an impression of a home-owner’s personality, taste and class.

A lot of attention should therefore be given to the door designs that a home-owner chooses for his home. One should install doors that add beauty to the style of your home without compromising on security.

Here are some of the most popular door designs in Kenya.

1.) Glass doors – These doors are made of double panelled glass to allow sunlight into the rooms without compromising on security. The doors can be clear or engraved with artistic designs to enhance their appeal.

Choose frosted designs if you want to make it hard for passers by to see the interior of your house and clear designs if you want to expose your interiors.

Tip: Glass doors are more vulnerable to burglary than solid doors and are not recommendable for areas where security is a concern.

2.) French doors – These are among the most popular modern door designs. French doors are sliding doors which link two sections with a wall designed gate. They are fitted with glass panels for frames and are closed or opened by pushing them to the side. French doors are mostly suitable for lawn doors and bathrooms.

3.) Panel doors – These doors are suitable for homes where little aesthetics taste is required. They are usually made of steel panels that fit into the space between the stiles, rails and mullions, to help keep the door rigid. Panel doors require little or no maintenance.

4.) Carve doors – These are traditional style doors. They come in a wide range of designs which look like show-pieces. Carve doors are popular among owners of expansive houses and they are best used for the main entrance of the house.

5.) Metal doors – These doors are perfect for houses in areas where security is a concern. Metal doors allow glass panels and frame decoration designs and are rarely affected by weather. They are best used as house entrance doors.

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