How to choose great floor tiles

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Ceramic floor tile

Choosing the right floors tiles can be fraught with uncertainty due to the wide variety of tiles available in the market.

Here is an easy-to-use manual on how to choose floor tiles for your home.

1.) Ascertain the size of the tiles you want to use. Tiles are usually manufactured in a standardized 12 inch by 12 inch size, but you can find smaller tiles measuring 8 inch by 8 inch. However, smaller tiles do not offer many design and colour options – significantly limiting your choices.

2.) Determine the measurement (in square footage) of the space to be tiled. Divide the square footage of the space by the size of the tile to get the number of floor tiles required for the job. Remember to allow for some replacement tiles in the event you need to replace damaged tiles.

3.) Analyse the room you wish to tile. How will the floor be used? How often will the room be cleaned? Answers to these questions may have an impact on the type of tile for that room. For example a room that has high traffic will get dirty faster, necessitating regular cleaning. Besides, tiles for busy rooms are more likely to get broken than those for less frequented rooms.

4.) Determine the type of tile you want. The are many types of tiles available in the market, including porcelain, ceramic, peel and stick, terra cotta, concrete among others. Your choice of tile may be affected by several factors among them the tile’s ease of maintenance, water resistance level and its susceptibility to high or low temperature.

5.) Determine the pattern and colour of the tile you want. Tiles come in numerous patterns that give shoppers unlimited tile possibilities. However, the choice of colours may be limited by the fact that not all types of tiles come in patterns and solid colours. Unless you choose ceramic tiles which come in colours and patterns, your decision on colour may be limited.

6.) Establish a budget for your tiles. The prices of tiles vary depending on factors such as type and durability. Though you may want to go for a certain grade of tile, your decision may be limited by the amount of money on hand. Budget wisely and keep in kind that cheaper may be more expensive in the long end.

7 .) Based on the decisions made in the six steps above, feel free to acquire your desired floor tiles.

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