Modern bathroom lighting

Modern bathroom lighting can help transform your ordinary plain bathroom into a glamorous bathroom as seen in interior design books and magazines.

Vanity lighting is an easy way to achieve the desired classy look. Vanity lighting fixtures are architecturally designed lights mounted on the wall of the bathroom near the mirror to make the space more tasteful.

In addition to the light they provide, lighting fixtures are very attractive to the house occupants. They make your bathroom even brighter especially when used in the evening – creating a cozy atmosphere that is so refreshing after work.

Lighting the shower area is also an intrinsic part of modern bathroom lighting. A poorly lit shower area or bathtub can be a personal grooming nightmare. The shower areas therefore require practical lighting more that aesthetic lighting. As such, recessed overhead lighting – providing strong and bright light – is best for these spaces.

Aside from the lighting fixtures, creating an ambient lighting scheme can help maximise the amount of light you get in your bathroom.

You can do so by using bright colours, large mirrors to reflect light, glass containers to display items and avoiding excess clutter.

Safety precautions: – Bathrooms are the most dangerous spaces in your home when it comes to lighting consideration.

There are certain codes and safety regulations that must be followed on any lighting project and if ignored or done incorrectly they can be very risky.

You should always consult a professional electrician before fixing any lighting in your bathroom.

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