How to lower cost of building a home

Construction is a capital intensive endeavor that can leave you penniless if you are not careful with your budget.

Here are a few tips to help you lower cost of building a home without compromising on safety, beauty and comfort.

1.) Size of your house  – The size of a home greatly matters when it comes to construction costs. Carefully examine the needs of your family and choose a home that meets those needs.

A small house may seem expensive when you compare costs per square foot. However, this house is more affordable to build and maintain compared to a larger house.

When measuring the sizes always stick to even numbers to help reduce wastage of resources. In addition, consider reducing the number and size of windows as this can help lower the cost of building a house.

2.) Ordinary floor plans – Floor plans usually determine the simplicity or complexity of a house construction project. The more complex a floor plan the more expensive is the project.

Choosing a simple house plan can greatly lower your construction costs as you will not be required to employ additional workers and machines for curved walls. This also means you will use construction materials more efficiently since your structure has fewer angles.

3.) Building materials – Materials account for a huge chunk of a construction budget. Many homeowners often assume that expensive materials are durable but this is not always the case. Some material sellers take advantage of this assumption and sell ordinary materials at higher prices to unsuspecting customers.

To avoid falling into this trap, always shop wisely for your building materials and preferably go for materials that are common since they have a high rate of supply. Thanks to the law of demand and supply, these materials usually cost less and help prevent interruptions. However, be sure to spend your money on durable low cost building materials.

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4. ) Build taller – Building up as opposed to building across can help lower your construction costs. Given the choice between a one storey house that spans across the lot and a two storey house of similar size in square feet, go for the latter.

Both houses have same amount of living space but the foundation and roof of the two storey house is smaller – and of course cheaper. Besides, plumbing and ventilation are less expensive in taller houses.

5.) Roofing style – The roof, being the first impression of a house to visitors, should be given enough consideration. However this does not mean going overboard and installing very complicated designs. Go for less expensive roofing designs such as gabble and hipped roofs.

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